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Photos and Walkthrough Video Tour

Zillow has hand picked Next Listing in Houston to push walkthrough videos and beautiful photography for your listings on their website. Listings with video walkthrough drives more than DOUBLE the page views, compared to online listings without. We have a Zillow Package dream you will love!


  • Zillow Certified Professional photographer
  • Several high quality photos taken with a wide-angle lens
  • Photos ready to review and select the same evening
  • Basic editing for up to 32 photos
  • 32 Photos Uploaded to MLS so they may appear on Zillow and Trulia
  • Massive exposure through Zillow search engine
  • Walkthrough Video Tour posted to Zillow and Trulia!
    (Tour is only allowed on "FOR SALE" listings, not rentals or leases)


{click for large view)

Benefits of a video walkthrough on Zillow

  • Featured Listings get sorted to the top of the search results in your area!
  • Listings with video walkthrough drives more than DOUBLE the page views!
  • Most of Zillow Group's traffic comes from mobile. For example, more than two-thirds of our flagship brand Zillow's usage occurs on a mobile device; on weekends it's more than 77%. In July, more than half a billion homes were viewed on Zillow Mobile - that's 270 home per second.*
* Source: Google Analytics, July 2016.

Please read the Zillow Walkthrough Video Tour requirements:

  • Tour is only allowed on "FOR SALE" listings, not rentals or leases
  • Tour must be under 2 minutes, regardless of size of home, without music.
  • Video footage will be at the photographer's discretion and is final.
  • No reshoot or refunds will be given.
  • If you want emphasize certain places to be filmed, you must let us know the day before the shoot. We will be do our best, but can’t guarantee we can get it all.
  • We will not be held responsible for lack of lighting in home.
  • Tour will only be posted on Zillow and Trulia once listing goes active.
  • Tour file is not available to be sent over or may not be posted to any other website's.